Thursday, 28 January 2010

I have been away from my blog for a while.
There is new work, interested?
I will show you, but i think i must explain that i am having issues with presentation.
I feel bogged down in the uptight attitude of a painter, everything in a line, perfect and crisp etc. This is the opposite of my practice as a painter and seemed a little bit like denying myself and the true nature of my work. Like dressing Britney in an evening dress, sure she will look beautiful but we all know we prefer her in all her trashy glory.
So this is something i will work on as a day to day process, for the first time ever a wall of my studio has been cleaned and painted white so i can do a daily display, which is time consuming and tiring but i think worth it.
So what else in this long time?
My smaller drawings! These are certainly worth mentioning. They began quite graphic, stylized and certainly attractive but black and white and i think that i would compare them to an oil puddle. I was not happy with this and decided the productive thing to do would be to put them to one side and begin again, as what is the point on pouring effort into an oil puddle right?
The newer drawings are colourful, less severe and more delicate. They have been applied to wood to make them tiles and i hope that this as well will be a daily practice although so far i must admit this has not happened. I will post pictures demonstrating this, i think its a big jump and i'm pleased with myself in a cat by a fire kind of way.
Also Ive started large scale paintings on paper, back to colour.
I think this is all i can say about where my work has gone to in all this busy working time. Thank you for reading.

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