Wednesday, 16 December 2009

so as i ...

Lie in bed after an exhausting day trying desperatley to prove that i am not another amature
Im watching jeremy kyle
Their lives are worse than mine
Im just sufferin from a block
But ive decided i would rather have my brain cells removed .... like the ridiculous folk on this show ( help me get my fiancee out of a life of porn and prostitution with her twin sister)
So i would like some inspiration
Im wishing on space hardware

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Boys and Girls

This is part of my current run of works, i began by randomly painting people i know, images selected from an obsessive collection of snapshots from over five years.
A recurrant theme emerged however, the boy and the girl, when viewed together the works seemed linked and the characters seemed to have relationships with eachother.
This series almost instantly became something else. A portrait of the boy and the girl, the archetypal characters so (seemingly) important in this era of life.
The boys and girls are evasive from your view, they are engaged in no apparent activity, but are still doing something and they are alone.
This boy is actually my boyfriend.

Let me introduce myself

This is my third attempt at this website, i keep forgetting my usernames.
I am an artist, to a certain extent. In reality i am more a collector of images, mostly my own, sometimes other peoples.
I find myself lucky enough to be surrounded by creative wonderful people, and i myself like to dabble in the left side of the brain, this is what i shall blog about. Although like all aspects of my life i find it hard to stay inpersonal.
Blog started. Bear with me.