Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Its been a while since i perused the internet due to a relocation and new job and blah blah blah, all the things which need to stay excluded from my art life. SO here's the low down on the scant happenings in the creative side of life.
I've been experimenting with computers, so far i have just reworked some old images to see how and if they may be beneficial. I am admittedly a change-a-phobe and i do like my lovely hand drawn little images but in the cause of maybe making some more dynamic images i thought i should really give it a go. Although i think i must state that i will never abandon the hand drawn.

OK, so a reworking of a poster I drew ages ago for a friend, I changed up some layers and to be honest photo shop is good for experimenting and mixing things up without a whole new drawing. This side is OK. I am a fan of the scanner and i think this version of the poster is all together an improvement. HOWEVER, below is my attempt at using my graphics pad, poor, at best i think. I like the colour, i always like colour, but it looks awful. Next stop vector images to see if this will benefit my little in-expandable brain.
So to conclude my adventure into computers i think that I will use them in the final stages of editing a hand drawn piece in terms of illustration but they will stay away from the "fine" side (and i do hate to separate the two in such a filthy way) and until i find a better way they will not replace the lines I can make with a plain old pencil.

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