Saturday, 10 July 2010


So university is done and I did some work and it was good, I won the Embrace Arts award from Leicester university. That's a proper university that, they teach doctors and everything. Here are some photos from that lovely degree show thingymabob that we all have to do.

Naturally, I'm left feeling quite abandoned and lonely watching education trail off and away like an ex boyfriend considering the possibilities of what next. I've had a month of complete creative drought, I'm telling myself this is to avoid a meaningless rebound but I'm pretty certain it is laziness or even inadequacy. Either way it stops here, I'm rounding up inspiration and likes to be my little trampoline to help me hop into a new painting. I have already decided a few things, like me next work will be singular, I've found myself scratching my brains for projects and series' but I've found that this is aiding my block as I am over thinking to extreme. So instead I am going to concentrate painting by painting, make a collection not joined by theme or some massive idea but by a quainter sense of satisfaction, a collection of things i like, like those odd little nick nacks that everyone has and cant throw away for some undetectable reason.

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